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Fr Augustine Onyeneke C.S.Sp px (1).jpg

NAME:      Rev. Fr.  Dr.  (Prof.) Onyeneke  Augustine   C.S.Sp

MARITAL  STATUS : Single / Celibate :   Catholic Priest


(a) Degrees (with dates and granting bodies)

(1)     B.Soc. Sc., 1973,  National University of Ireland, College of Cork

(ii)     M.A. (Sociology) 1975,  Kent University at Canterbury.

(iii)    Ph.D. (Sociology / West African Studies)  1976; University of Birmingham

(b) Diplomas & Professional Qualifications (with dates and granting bodies).

(i) Catholic Seminary Philosophy  & Theology,  Holy Ghost Fathers, House of Philosophy & Theology,  Awomamma /Nsukka ; 1960, 1965

(ii) Certificat de Langue Française,  1970 University of Paris at the Sorbonne

(iii) Zeugnis, Fortgeschrittene III, 1972  University of Cologne.



Books & Monographs


1.  Onyeneke A. (1987): The Dead Among the Living - Masquerades in Igbo Society.  ISBN  978-2442-32-1.  (Holy Ghost Congregation Province of Nigeria & Asele Institute, Nimo Nigeria) xii + 142 pages

2.   Onyeneke A., Onuchukwu S. Ifedigbo P. (1987): Child Health Care against Kwashiokor - Community Development Series.  ISBN 978-2442-40-2. (Holy Ghost Congregation Province of Nigeria & Asele Institute, Nimo Nigeria).  27 pages.

3.  Onyeneke A. (1993): African Traditional Institutions and the Christian Church:  A Sociological Prologue to Christian Inculturation.  ISBN 978-2094-67-6 (Nsukka: Spiritan Publications) 74 pages

4. Onyeneke A. (1996): Doing Sociology:  An Introduction to Sociological Perspectives for Africa  

ISBN—978-2450-03-0  Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. 99 pages

5.       Onyeneke A (2000) : Jubilee Year 2000 – A pastoral Guide,ISBN  978-8010-13-X Spiritan Publications, Nsukka  (34 pages)

Journal Articles

6.   Onyeneke A. (1975): "Nigeria de l'Est: Une Explosion?"  in Vocations a travers le Monde.  Revue Trimestrielle, Paris, October 1975, pp 408 - 413.

7.    Onyeneke A. (1985): "The Masquerade: A Social Symbol in Igboland" in  IKORO          - Bulletin of the Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria,  Vol VI No 1, Jan 1985;  pp 19 - 34.

8.   Onyeneke A. (1987): "Service and Power in Nigerian Social Life" in LUCERNA, Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu, Vol 7 No 1, pp 50 -54.

9.   Onyeneke A. (1988): "Igbo Inculturation Initiatives: The OMU Liturgical Use"  in The AFrican Ecclesiastical Review- AFER, Gaba Publications, Kenya Vol 30 No 1, February 1988, pp 3 - 11.

10.   Onyeneke A. (1993): "The Masquerade Institution and Social Control in An African Society - The Case of Igboland" in the West African Journal of Archaeology  No 23, 1993, pp 169 - 181.

11.  Onyeneke A. 1993) : "The Church and Development in Nigeria - an issue of Justice and Peace" in the West African Journal of Ecclesial Studies (WAJES) No 5, December 1993,pp 22 - 39.

Contributions to Books:

Book Chapters

12  Onyeneke A. (1997) The Future of the Masquerade in Igbo Society in OKIKPE,  Nsukka: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, Vol 3, No 1 , pp 149 – 154, Diewa Writers Club, Lagos & Nsukka

13  Onyeneke A. (2000)  Faith Commerce: The Commercialisation of Religion in Southern Nigeria  in  St Peter's Catholic Chaplaincy, Univ. of Nigeria Nsukka (2000):University for a New Humanism – Insights from St Peter's Chaplaincy, Proceedings of a Symposium St Peter's Catholic Chaplaincy, Nsukka (pp 28 – 42)

14  Onyeneke A. (2001) Community development in Nigeria : Challenges for the Christian Religion – Bishop Joseph Shanahan Memorial Annual Lectures - Edit. F. Ibe (Spiritan Publication) Enugu (pp 11 – 26)

Membership of other Professional Groups: 

                   Catholic Priest, Holy Ghost Congregation (SPIRITANS)